Decorative Cutting & Grouting

Decorative cuts are used to generate a pattern in the concrete surface. Decorative cuts are made with a 10mm-12mm wide diamond blade and are 10mm deep.
With decorative cutting you can make your coloured or exposed concrete look like big tiles or flagstones.
We can customise any size squares, diamonds or rectangles to suit your design or house style.
All decorative cuts should be filled with a non-shrink grout to finish off the tiled or flagstone look.

All coloured concrete surfaces should be sealed with a concrete sealer.
Sealing is essential to enhance and protect your coloured concrete. Sealing will determine the final appearance, both colour & texture of the concrete.

Benefits of sealing your concrete are –

  • It will stop the sun fading your oxide.
  • Stops oil, clay & soil staining & soaking into the porous surface.
  • Stops black tyre marks appearing.
  • It will make your concrete look clean & fresh with a fantastic look all the time.