Decorative Coloured Concrete

With the extensive range of coloured oxides to choose from, there is always an oxide colour to work with any colour schemes on your house.

    • Smooth Trowel Finish is when the concrete is placed and then finished with a steel trowel to achieve a flat smooth surface.
    • Sand Stone Finish is when the concrete is finished the same as a smooth finish, then, an acid is etched into the surface to expose the sand and a little aggregate.
    • Light Broom Finish is when the concrete is finished as with the smooth finish then a light concrete finishing broom is pulled over the surface to give a non-slip finish.

All coloured concrete surfaces should be sealed with a concrete sealer.
Sealing is essential to enhance and protect your coloured concrete. Sealing will determine the final appearance, both colour & texture of the concrete.

Benefits of sealing your concrete are –

    • It will stop the sun fading your oxide.
    • Stops oil, clay & soil staining & soaking into the porous surface.
    • Stops black tyre marks appearing.
    • It will make your concrete look clean & fresh with a fantastic look all the time.