Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is a great way to add contrast to the finishing touches of your Patio, Driveway or Footpath.
With a wide range off Coloured River Pebbles and Crushed Stone Chips and a range of coloured oxides we can work
with any colour schemes on your house.

Exposed Aggregate Finish is the finishing process of spraying freshly laid concrete with a retarder chemical that stops
the top 3-8mm of the concrete surface going hard while the rest of the concrete sets normally.
Once the concrete has set sufficiently (weather dependant), we wash off the top layer of cement/slurry to leave
an exposed concrete finish.

After the concrete is fully cured at 28days, an acid/water mix is washed over the surface to burn off any
To get the best out of your exposed finish it should be sealed with a concrete sealer.

The benefits of sealing your concrete are –

  • It will stop the sun fading your oxide
  • Stops Oil, Clay & Soil staining & soaking into the porous surface
  • It will make your concrete look clean & fresh with a fantastic wet look all the time
  • Stops black tyre marks appearing